Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Popular plastic surgery procedures

  1. Six pack creation
  2. Grin lift
  3. Upper lip lift
  4. Bra line back lift
  5. Belly button surgery
  6. Chubby cheek surgery
  7. Jawline reduction
  8. Gummy smile repair
  9. Jawline reduction/advancement – fix too small or too big jawline – break the jaw in two places and set it backwardor forward into its new position. These procedures are treated by oral surgeons.
  10. Eyelash transplants – fix thin eyelashes or loose eyelashes – transplant hair to the eyelids.
  11. Dimple creation (man-made) – tiny incision on the inside of the mouth and placement of a small suture between the buccinator muscle and the skin of the cheek.
  12. Nipple and areola reduction – reduce the nipples by cutting off the tip; remove some skin at the base of the nipple.
  13. Plastic surgery for private parts (G Shot) – remove excess labial skin; tighten the vaginal canal; enlarge the G spot.

These are retrieved from the following articles:

  • 13 bizarre but popular plastic surgery procedures
    CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons
  • Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries


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